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Thank you for signing up to We aim to eliminate the paperwork associated with planning and organizing lesson plans.

We strive to make the interface as easy and intuitive as possible, but with all new things there can be a learning curve. This article will hopefully shed some light on the work-flow of creating and managing plans online

Table of contents

  1. Creating a planbook
  2. Planbook monthly view
  3. Planbook weekly view
  4. Adding a new entry
  5. Exporting to PDF & printing

Creating a planbook

When you initially log in, or after you create a new account, you will be taken to the "My planbooks" page where you can see a list of all planbooks which you have created

If you've just created your account, this page will not list any planbooks, and you'll you prompted to create a new one

Click on the "Create new planbook" button to create your first planbook, and you'll be presented with this page:

Use a descriptive title for the name of the planbook, for instance "Year 8 Math" or "2011 - Term 2".

The start and stop dates can be the first and last dates of your school year, term dates, or the respective dates of when the course you teach starts and ends. This all depends on how your institution operates. When clicking into the date fields you can set the dates using the calendar selection pop-up

The periods define how many periods there are typically in your school.

Finally you can set which days you teach, by default it is set to Monday through Friday, but if your schedule is different, you can set custom days

Once you are satisfied with the particulars of your planbook, click the "Save planbook" button. If you've made a mistake, you can edit the planbook any time you choose. Once you've saved the planbook, it will be listed in your "My planbooks" page

Planbook monthly view

To view your planbook by month, simply click on the name in the list of planbooks within the "My planbooks" page.

You will be presented with this view:

Shown above is a sample planbook I've created spanning a course of two months. This planbook also has entries which I've created to illustrate how a normal planbook with lessons should look like.

The shown lesson plan has 6 periods with teaching days set through Monday to Friday

Days which have been highlighted with a blue background are those that fall within the start and end dates of your planbook and days which you are teaching on

Days which are highlighted in grey are those you do not teach on, or those that fall outside the start and end dates of the planbook.

The green indicators on the left side of certain days show that for periods within that day, there is an entry to cover that period. For example, on Wednesday 9th March, I have an entry for the 1st period; on the 10th of March, I have an entry for the 4th period; and on the 30th March, I have entries for all periods in that day.

Planbook weekly view

The weekly plan view shows the entries you've created, and documents/resources that are attached to those entries. From this page you'll be able to add/edit/delete entries as well as export or print the weekly plan

In the above weekly view there are some entries that have been created as an example.

Documents added to an entry are shown at the bottom, along with options to edit and remove the entry. The paper-clip icon at the bottom indicates that there are documents attached, the calendar icon indicates that the entry repeats.

Adding a new entry

To create a new entry, just click on the add entry link at the top left of each box in the weekly calendar view

Click the add entry link, and you'll be taken to the entry creation page:

Use the built it text editor to create your lesson plan, as well as upload documents for the lesson plan using the attach document link on the right. The uploaded files will then be shown to the right.

You can use the drop down underneath "Show this entry" to schedule the entry for repetition on a weekly or daily basis. This is useful as you can create multiple entries at once which share the same information, or documents; you can then go and edit specific instances of that entry to tailor it for that particular day and period.


You can easily print or export the weekly planbook using the links on the top right corner

Clicking on either link will present you options to either print/export the entire week or just a single day

Printing a planbook will create a printer friendly version of the planbook, which can then easily be printed

Exporting the planbook as a PDF will create a PDF document of the day or week which you can then download to your computer